Lush Summertime Lawns

In the summer, all of the plants and greenery in your neighborhood should be at their greenest. With the constant sunshine, it’s the perfect time of year for flowers, trees, and gardens to soak up the sun. There’s also no better time of year to take advantage of a lush, soft lawn than in summer, when you can enjoy laying out in the shade, and playing sports and outdoor games with the kids. Nobody wants prickly, dead grass putting a damper put on their summer enjoyment.

Living in a desert, Utah County residents understand the importance of an efficient sprinkler system to keep their lawn and flowerbeds at their greenest during the warmer months, while also avoiding wasting water. Our team at Quick Quality Plumbing are experts in sprinkler installation, and can help you find the best watering solution for the unique layout of your lawn, garden, and landscaping.

Choosing the Right Sprinkler System

When it comes to installing your sprinkler system, our specialists will help you select from the following watering options:

• Spray head sprinklers: These sprinklers are popular for their ability to distribute water evenly. Most spray head sprinklers have a radius up to 19 feet, and multiple spray heads can be used for maximum lawn coverage.
• Rotor head sprinklers: These sprinklers create a steady, arching stream of water with full or partial rotation options. Rotor heads can “pop up” out of the lawn, making mowing the lawn easier.
• Drip Systems: This watering method delivers water directly to the roots of your plants and grass. These eco-friendly systems are the best option for using water efficiently, with no risk of watering places that don’t need it (like your patio or driveway).
• Automatic Timers: Make sure your sprinklers come on at the optimal time of day by setting them up on regular timers.

At Quick Quality Plumbing, we help our customers choose from only the best products, ensuring a durable system that will serve them for years. Let’s get started with putting a quality system in place.